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Services for Foster Parents, Children & Youth

Volunteer Driver Program


Our families, children and youth enjoy the benefits of an exceptional volunteer driver program that allows for trust, support and smooth transitions between activities and events.

Therapeutic Supports & Specialized Testing


We offer Play Therapy, Individualized interventions and Psycho-Educational Testing based on the needs of the child or youth and consultation and support for our treatment foster parents. 



Our children and youth benefit from our individualized tutoring program allowing for success in school and acceptance and self esteem within their peer group

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 Family & Community Integration Professionals
All our families receive  in-home1:1 Support Workers  (SSW, MSW, CYW Graduates) to assist with integration, problem solving,  life skills, oversight and support of foster homes, and support  for family visits as needed.


Planned and emergency respite breaks for foster families. 

Provide respite time for foster parents for work / family / life balance - to relieve stress - also to allow for a vacation.  


Benefits for children and youth include social opportunities in other environments, enhancing their experience and developing life skills.  



Our programs cover the costs of special activities and camps for children and youth in your care, above the per diem . All children benefit from camps that are accessible and designed to meet their complex or specialized needs.  Camps are especially beneficial during the summer months when children and youth are not attending school.   There are additional social, mental and physical benefits in attending camp.  

Kids First Parents receive free training in:


  • First Aid & CPR


  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Trauma

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Attachment Disorders

  • Human Trafficking

  • Addictions

  • Medication administration-

       storage- disposal & safe handling

  • Child and Family Services Act requirements & definitions along with Ministry guidelines and requirements

  • FASD and ODD  

  • Individualized training of personal interest to the parent  

  • Additional trainings as trends and needs dictate. 

         At Kids First We Believe:

  • In providing a very generous financial allowance to foster parents that’s tax free

  • That children and youth with increasingly complex needs, along with their foster families, will benefit through modern, evidence-based therapy to treat new and evolving conditions such as ADHD, FASD, ODD, PTSD and other disorders related to overall mental health. Each Child/youth benefits from the collaboration between all caregivers in their family unit, foster, therapist, staff, child/youth and CAS to plan for and work collaboratively towards success both current and future.

  • Children and youth benefit from planned ongoing assessments through continued modifications in teaching, learning and testing styles at school and through better ability to integrate into the community.  Children and youth acquire a much better start to be successful in school and learning in all areas. Mental health issues are identified so they can be addressed appropriately through care.

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